Monday, October 29, 2012

Scrunchy Flowers

Hi Everyone, 
I had alot of questions on how I made some of my flowers.  I am going to share how to do one of my favorites.  My scrunchy flower looks hard but the hardest thing about it is waiting for it to dry.  First, 
scrunched flowers
punch or use your big shot and cut 6 of your favorite flowers.  I lay them out on top of a baby wipe.  Take your water bottle and spray them with water to break down the paper.  Then turn it over and do it to the back side.  When your done start scrunching up the flowers.  Be careful not to tear them.  After your done scrunching,  take each flower and put a small hole in the center so you can place a brad through it to hold it together.  The bigger the flower the bigger the brad.  While still wet place each flower on the brad and when you are done scrunch the flowers up again.  If you like the way it looks you can leave it or if you want to fluff it some do it now.  Spray it with Shimmer Paint now before it dries or you will have to wait again.  Let it sit and when it dries it will look exactly like it does now except dried and ready to use.  Hope you enjoyed these Scrunchy flowers. 

Brad in middle laying upside down
Completed Scrunchy flower

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  1. Nice tutorial, Cheryl! I've done these flowers before, but not with the Shimmer Paint. I'll have to give it a go. :-)