Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Best of... 25 Years----CHRISTMAS Stamp set is here

Don't you just love these stamps.  My favorite is-----well I have 4. haha.  Remember, buy 6 and get one free.  All you need to do is -keep the collector card and the sticker that is mailed with you purchase.  Apply the sticker to the card and keep it til you have collected 6 stickers.   When you have your  6 stickers you can send it in to redeem a FREE set of your choice valued up to $14.95. 

 Free sets must be redeemed no later than April 30, 2014.

about 2 1/2 weeks til the holiday show.  Remember to email me if you want discount coupons.  
Just send me an email at:
click on contact me

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  1. Just wanted to say I hope you do well (again) at the upcoming show! I'm sure you've been crafting like a maniac. :-)