Thursday, November 6, 2014

Weekly Deals for the Week of Nov. 4-10, 2014. 2014 Holiday Supplement, & Many Merry Stars Simply Created Kit

Well,  I'm Back!  And although I had LOTS and LOTS of fun at the Holiday show - and many of you have been asking if it was another success......I can honestly say, "YES" it was and Gramma & I had so much fun seeing LOTS of you from the last 3 years and making new friends and customers.  I am so blessed to be able to attend this show every year.  Thank you to all of you who attended this year.  I am so blessed with customers/friends like you.  Thank you!
 So let's start with the Weekly Deals for this week.  I have so much I have to show/tell you my friends.  So this weeks blog post might just be a little longer than usual  :)
I love the ribbon and the glitter!   I use this Silver Glitter alot.
 A 2014 Holiday Supplement.
I am hoping alot of you received yours at the Holiday show.  I did bring them.  If you didn't I will add a link here so you can download it or click on the above picture.  There are some REALLY REALLY Good things in this supplement. 

Need some Handmade Christmas presents?  Here you can make them and have everything in one Extra Large bag. It's call the 
item # 138104  $25.95
Check out the picture below to see all you can make from this one kit.

But here is the best party.  You can make 26 different Stars, all different in many different
sizes.  Wooden Snowflakes, Printed, die-cut star pieces, Printed self-adhesive die-cut side pieces, glitter paper stars,  7 sheets die-cut tags, banners, greetings, and accents.  These are like the Stars I had at the Holiday show but I didn't get the help from Stampin' UP.   Actually,  I didn't know anything about this coming out.  But I did order it and it is AWESOME.   And if you are wanting to make your friends something special this is a great idea.  Plus, you make enough for all your friends.  I have spent the day making some and well if you know me.....mine are different than these bc I have to do it different but I have used the kit and just added some extras to change them up a little.  I will be posting them soon.
If you have any questions, Please do not hesitate to call or you can reach my on my Stampin' UP Website  
Just go to contact me, leave me a message or leave me a number where I can call you back.  
I hope you have a Great weekend!

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