Monday, April 14, 2014

Wreath Class photos---FUN FUN FUN!!!

This was one of the best classes ever!  Everyone's wreath turned out different and they ALL turned out BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you girls for coming---and I'm so sorry you couldn't make it Dani-hope your feeling better. Anyone interested in ordering a wreath kit click here.  They are beautiful and not to hard to make.  All you need is a glue gun -unless your like me and like to add a little more. haha


Everyone hard at work on there wreaths.  Of course, here we added a few  more things to our wreaths to make them our own.  Examples, we added different colored leafs, and different flowers, changed up the center of the flowers and of course we inked them all and added a saying.  Perfect class, perfect ladies.  Thank you all for coming!  Every wreath is Beautiful!

Below, see the leaves we made cutting them freehand and using a crimper.  We made some different flowers and centers for some flowers using the new fringe scissors.  Click here to see the new fringe scissors. 
item #133325  price $9 95

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