Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My New Birdie stamp set

 I feel like I  have been waiting so long...for my Stampin' Up Pre-Order to arrive ( I really haven't but you know when you are so excited to get something  it seems to never get here quick enough)...
Since I moved and got everything put away there are so many things I found that I hadn't ever used. SO
I decided to go thru my stash and pick out any stamp set that I hadn't used and make 8 cards.
Some of them I have already posted as I was making them but here they are....All 8 of them together.  
Below are the last 2 that show both inside and out.

Love how I could make each card so different using the same stamp set.  I love 
challenging myself and NOW....
drum role please......
My Stampin' Up Pre Order has arrived so next step is my Craft room to check it all out and then share with you the things I am going to make.
Talk to you soon!!!

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