Saturday, May 2, 2015

Build a Bouquet Class

So just  how much fun can it be when you are making a Bouquet that will last and last and last....Oh, and did I say it was made by you.  Here are some pictures of the Build a Bouquet class I had last week.  So many things in this kit to make and by golly I finished mine.  Not at the class but in plenty of time to use as a centerpiece here at my house.  We had so much fun and if you are thinking about a GREAT Mother's day gift and to make it even more special....You can make it yourself.  LOVE IT!!!!
So let me show you my Crafty Ladies who did such a Beautiful job make there bouquets.   They turned out so nice but honestly I don't think anyone finished here at the workshop but they all left knowing what to do to finish them up at home.  I will post mine in the morning.  So til then.....Have a GREAT day and if you would like to order the Build a Bouquet kit it is still available until June 2nd.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call me. 



What a beautiful gift for her mom.  She did all the prep work at the class and is taking to her mom when she visits her for Mother's Day (oh and did I say she is going by plane to deliver it )

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