Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas Mice

Merry Christmas from the Mice.  I found these round York peppermint candy at Walmart. When I got them home I couldn't decide what  I was going to do with them.  So I went to bed and the next morning I knew they would make great little mice.  But not just any mice--They were going to be Christmas mice.  So I made Santa hats.  Some of the hats stand up and others I made to flop down.  And honestly the are just adorable.  I took them to Mrs. Turners restaurant and she wants more already. Now I went back to get more and I found round (flat bottoms) chocolate covered cherries.  Another idea.   I am sure they are going to be adorable too.  Well,  maybe another post later.  I need to get going making more thing for the restaurant. 

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