Saturday, March 2, 2013

How I make Roses

I have had alot of questions on how I make my roses.  So, I decided to explain how I make them.  Depending on how large you want them is how many petals you punch.  My rose is about the same size as a real rose.  But the smaller ones are just as pretty.  Use whatever color paper you want and you do want to ink the edges of each petal so pick a color that makes each petal stand out.  After your all done you can glitter it all up if you want.

This is what I used to make this rose.

Very Vanilla c/s  #101650
Petals are made from my Ornament punch  #116847  $16.95
Rose Red ink  #126954
Lucky Limeade c/s   #122926

Blossom Petals Builder punch  #121808  $16.95
1 3/8" Circle punch  #119860  $15.95
1/2" Circle punch  #119869  $5.95
bone folder
glue gun

Flower instructions
I punched 27 ornaments and used the Rose Red ink around the edges of each one.  The pointed side is the top side of the rose.  The other end you want to use to adhere it to the circle punch.
1- Very Vanilla  1 3/8" circle punch.  This is what you adhere each ornament punch to to make your rose. 
  Cut one piece of Very Vanilla c/s- 1 3/8" x 1 3/4".  On a diagonal cut down about a 1/2 " and use the dauber again on this area.   The use the dauber on one end and down on both sides.  This is the center of the flower.  Using your bone folder  break down the paper on both sides.  The use the pencil to wrap it up into a tight circle for the center of the flower.  Make it as tight as  you can get it so when you let it loose it looks like a flower center.  If it needs to be tighter do it again and when it looks right use you glue gun on the side to make it stay that way. On the bottom use you scissors to cut small cuts about 1/4" up and bend them upward.  Set aside.

Stem, & Back of flower
Cut 2 Lucky Limeade 1 3/8" circles. First use your bone folder to break down the fibers of your paper then on a diagonal round fold, fold the circle in half(round)  with one end small and the other end bigger.  (see pic)  Cut ends on larger end about 1/4" up.  Using your 1/2" circle punch-punch a circle in the center of the other Lucky Limeade 1 3/8" circle. (see pic)  Set aside.
The longer piece of lucky limeade measures 1/2" x 5 1/2".  This is your stem.  Wrap you paper around the pencil to make it easier to role into the stem.  This piece must be small enough to fit into the small end of the round lucky limeade piece you just made.  Use your glue gun to adhere them together.

Using your Blossom Petals Builder punch cut 3 (or however many leave you want) of the long petals.  Fold each one in 1/2.  The using the crimper-face the open side to the left and run it through on a slight angle.  This will make it look like the vanes in a leaf.  Open it up and using your finger just bend it down slightly to make it look pretty.  Set aside.

Now lets put it all together.

Start by using your glue gun to put the center (the end with the little slits) onto the round piece of Very vanilla c/s. (I put my off center just a little so it didn't look too straight).  Then start adding your petals with the pointed side upward.  You want to make each row not directly behind the one in front of it.  Keep going it you get the right size you want for your flower.  I thing I used about 27.  When you get to the edges keep pulling them down a little to cover the bottom and the last layer you want to put the little lip on the outside of the round Very Vanilla c/s.
After the last petal glue your small circle round stem to the back of the Very Vanilla c/s close to the center.  Then glue the Lucky Limeade circle with the smal circle cut out  on to cover the V Vanilla circle.  Glue the long narrow L Limeade piece into the center of the stem.  Add the leaves and you have a beautiful rose.

Adjust the lenght of you stem by adding more inches.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Let me know if you have any questions.


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