Friday, March 15, 2013

One of my school projects...St Patrick's Day

This was one of the school projects I did this week at Ali's school CCHS.  (Cascade Christian High School)  The kids are all in 9th & 10th grade- both boys and girls.  The Applied Arts teacher-Mrs. Cole- has been asking me each semester to come and teach the kids how to make cards.  We make 3 cards and 1 fun project for them. (Even Mrs. Cole get's to make them). One of the 3 cards they make, they give back to the teacher (card of their choice) and they take them to a convalescent home and give to the elderly.  How exciting for them to receive a card and how nice it is for the students to be able say they made it.  Each kid writes their name on the back of the card so whoever receives it can see who made their card.  The other 2 cards are for them to use.  I make 3 cards samples- 1 easy, 1 medium & 1 harder.  The kids do all the work on the card.  I just make the sample and cut the paper for them.  I bring the Big Shot, embossing folders, framelits, stamps, ink, punches-everything they will need to complete the card.  I go over how to use the Big Shot, framelits, embossing folders  and everything they will need to complete the card and they do the rest.  The Big Shot is always the hit of the class.  When they see what it can do they just love it!

The 3rd card will start the day off on Monday.  And, I will tell you the ones they have done have all turned out beautiful!  Some make them exactly how I made the sample and others make it their way.  I think they have all turned out beautiful.  Yesterday, we started the class off  by making the Shamrock  so they could take it home with them for St. Patrick's day. They all enjoyed making these and I love watching them make them.  Cards and crafts are alot of fun to make.  Sometimes they just look harder than they really are.
I will post the other projects next week after they have finished.  I want them to be surprised.   I hope you have a Blessed St. Patrick's day weekend!

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  1. I should've recruited these kids to make shamrocks for my teachers and staff! ha ha Love it! That's cool you get to plan and have them do a project. Hope you have a great weekend!