Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to make a Daffodil

I was walking the Puppies the other day and saw that the Daffodils are peeking there heads out of the ground.  Maybe Spring is around the corner.  So I came home and decided to try and make a Daffodil.  I was thinking it would be hard but really not so hard at all.  So here how I did it.
 Down below is a pic of the things I used.  The Green stem base I actually did in yellow...Same as the flower color.  I showed it in green so you could see it good.  The leaves I cut by hand.  Daffodil leaves are long and pointed so I used Gumball Green and attached them to the stem.  I also added another flower that I added after I put on the leave.  I just nestled it in between the the stem and leaf.

Daffodil Delight c/s  #119683  $6.95
Gumball Green c/s  #126840  $6.95
cut 5 of the lg petals using the Blossom Petals Builder punch  #121808  $16.95  (these are the  flower petals)
cut 1 using the  1-3/4" Scallop Circle punch  #119854  $16.95 (this is the center piece)
cut 4 using the Itty Bitty Shapes Punch Pack  #118309  $16.95
(these are inside the the center of the flower)
1-gumball green piece of 1/2" x 6"

cut 1  3/4" Daffodil delight  circle punch
1- orange brad
2-  1/2" circles
Bone folder
sm wooden Dowel
Glue gun
Silicone mat

Using your bone folder curl up the edges of the petals til you get the desired shape you want.  Lay out all the petals on a your silicone mat and space them out evenly.  I cut off the bottom a little and made them a little shorter.  Then I punched a 1/2 circle off the bottom end so they would not be bulky and it was easier to shape them.  (The center will be covered up).  Glue them into shape and set aside.
Scalloped circle center.
Cut a small hole in the center of the scallop  & count around 8 little scallops.  There are 14 but I used only 8.  Using my scissors I cut to the  point in the center and cut away 5 scallops.  The scallops left I then made folds on each point all the way around.  This is what made it a circle.  I glued the last 2 scallops together - one on top of the other to make the circle. .  (See pic below) 
Flower Center 
Put a brad through the little flower like shapes and through the small 1/2 " circle.  Using your finger fluff up the sides of this little flower shape.  Cut a tiny bit off the 1/2" circle piece now.  Then glue it down into the center piece that you just made.  Then glue this piece to the center of the flower petals that you just made. 
Stem & Flower stem
Using the 1 3/8" DD circle  fold it into a cone shape and glue.  Leaving one end bigger than the other.  The larger end use you scissors to make cuts to help form a circle to adhere to the back of flower.   Using your exact o knife make small straight lines in the middle to fit around the stem and glue into place.  (just keep sliding it up on the small end til you get the right size to hide the rough edges).  Glue into place.  
The Stem I wrap the 1/2" x 6" piece of Gumball green around a wooden dowel (but use anything small and round like a pencil) just til you get the roundness you desire.  The end has to be small enough to fit into the yellow part of the flower.  When you get it glue it inside and slide the stem in.  
Leaves on Daffodils are long and thin.  I just cut 3 long pointed leave out by hand and glued them so the leaves would be close to the bottom of the flower.  I then added one more flower but cutting the stem at a V and gluing it in place behind a leaf.  Add more leaves if you wish. 

If you want a longer stem then add more inches to the 1/2" piece of paper. 
You can make your petals shorter if you want or cut them in on the sides to make another shape.  I have done this also.  Once you have made one it will be easy for you to  change it around.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Thanks for looking.


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  1. I'm going to start calling you the Queen of Paper Flowers, Cheryl! These are beautiful. You did an amazing job.