Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dryer sheets? REALLY???

 Butterfly Basics pg 26 Occasions Catalog 2015

Ok, so how many of you try to stay away from these intricate framelits with all the little pieces that never all come out?  I know I did until someone has found a WAY COOL way to make the pieces come out.  
All you have to do.....and this is REALLY REALLY EASY....
get some unscented dryer sheets.  Doesn't matter what kind but the scented ones leave a film on you sandwich plates of your embossing machine.  So I use the unscented and they work perfect.  All I do is.
Run you framelit thru you embossing machine...I use the Big Shot but this works on all of the machines.  Remove the outside paper only leaving the butterfly intact in the framelit.  Then I used 2 dryer sheets-open them up and folded them in half so you have 4 pieces- and run it thru and back.  Be careful when you pick up the framelit b/c those pieces come right out and there you have a perfect butterfly.  I have also tried this with some of the embossing folders that have a spongey like material on them and they work perfectly.  This is a GREAT and easy way to use Dryer sheets.  Oh, and you can use the same sheets over and over again.  I am still using my lst ones I started with.  Hope you enjoyed this little tip. 

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